Exa-Lent Universal sample piece shower rubber type DS18 - 2cm length and suitable for glass thickness 4mm - magnet straight

2 - 3 days

There are an awful lot of shapes and models of shower door rubbers in circulation. You can order universal sample pieces from us. The shipping, handling and processing costs are € 3.95 per order regardless of the number of (different) test pieces. With a possible purchase you will receive a euro 2.00 return by filling in a coupon code. This code can be found on the invoice of the sample pieces supplied. The code can only be applied once.

Are the shower strips of your shower enclosure or shower door calcified, discolored or worn? Then this universal clear shower rubber is suitable for renovation. This shower profile is intended for the side of your shower door.


Exa-Lent shower profile

The shower rubbers we supply are made in Western Europe and are of excellent quality.
Thanks to our own import, the price-quality ratio of our shower strips is good. All shower door profiles shown are to a large extent in stock. We strive to provide a suitable universal shower strip for every shower setup. In view of the enormous supply of shower rubbers (thousands of different models and designs) we can not guarantee this.
All our universal shower profiles are UV resistant and tested under extreme conditions.
The tests have been carried out with:
⦁ Xenon lamp with a luminous intensity calibration validated and checked by the manufacturer
⦁ Radiation 0.51W / m²
⦁ duration Test 500 hours
⦁ 2 cycles (without water spray methodology)
⦁ Temperature 65 ° C
⦁ filter used at 340 nanometers (as close as possible to sunlight)
⦁ According to standards EN ISO 4892-2

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  • Exa-Lent Universal
Delivery time:
  • 2 - 3 days
  • transparent


Glass thickness:
  • 4mm
  • 2cm sample
  • magnetic profile straight
Unit packet:
  • sample
  • universal
  • vertical glass